Korean Girl Tries Cooking Indian Butter Chicken for the First Time

Découvrez notre sélection de recettes de plats à base de volaille pour tous les goûts. Que vous cherchiez un poulet tendre et juteux, de la dinde moelleuse ou des cuisses de poulet croustillantes, nous avons ce qu’il vous faut. Nos recettes incluent des classiques de la cuisine française comme le poulet rôti et le coq au vin, ainsi que des plats internationaux comme le tandoori de poulet et le curry de dinde. Toutes nos recettes de volaille sont simples à préparer et parfaites pour toutes les occasions, que ce soit un dîner en famille ou un repas entre amis. Faites votre choix parmi nos délicieuses recettes de volaille et régalez-vous !

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les plat de poulet
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  1. Can u pin this comment plz its my birthday

  2. That's looking awesome I already tried it before because I am Indian

  3. When life gives you lemon, make butter chicken

  4. Unnie try haryali chicken too….

  5. Indians don't put Tomato and Indian don't grind anything in this recipe

  6. Butter chicken really tastes so so so much good, anyway a lots of love from India 🇮🇳❤️

  7. What the f is ‘meow meow meow’ ????

  8. can you cook Indonesian food please 🙏☺️☺️☺️‼️

  9. More ginger garlic paste 🤌🏽🤕

  10. the way she slapped chicken is soo satisfying

  11. Just came across this and this looks exactly same as I enjoy here in India and glad you liked it. Thank you 😊 for sharing and making this beautiful 😍 food. Paranthe is a must try food and you should make it and review it. And other foods like chicken tikka, masala paneer Soooo gud bro 💓💓💓💓

  12. Try it with garlic naan for more taste

  13. Is it me or did the chicken looked undercooked

  14. Indian cuisines are so diverse. U can try some other dishes as well. Indian cuisine is not limited upto butter chicken and Naan😅

  15. Excuse for those dululu it's also Pakistani dish and it was made in Pakistan first!!

  16. Appreciate your effort but please put on some spices for some raww indian flavor…they will change the whole taste

  17. You should try Pakistan tooo its really good :3

  18. Please make vlogs❤️❤️

  19. Try it with butter naaam❤️👍

  20. I often watch your videos and now I've memories “nyumnyumnyum and so gud bro” and say it with her

  21. Someone gotta pin master oogway in this video if you know what I mean

  22. She is a mixture of asmr and comedy

  23. As an indian, she used the right ingredients and made it so well too! You deserve the auntie title by the man Uncle Roger himself. ❤

  24. You know what we Indians don't eat butter chicken every time…we eat chicken curry…you should try that

  25. them tomatoes look so good

  26. Try Pakistani biryani

  27. Allah your making me hungry

  28. Hey Saebom, Can you do a vegetarian recipe please?🙏🥺

  29. This Is not too Authentic because The gravy should be chunky and It's a typical restuarant one Not the one we eat it's made by our mom try to see ranveer Sharma video and then make🤤😌😅

  30. It's amazing but u missed a lot of spices

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