THE BEST FALAFEL RECIPE | crispy fried and baked falafel (vegan)

Are you ready for the best falafel you’ve ever tasted (whether fried or baked)? Falafel are delicious balls of chickpea and herb …
reccettes falafel
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  1. Hi friends! I'm excited to finally share this video (I've been working on this recipe for quite a while!). These falafel are delicious and have SO much flavor. But I'd love to hear…which method is your favorite to cook them? It's always a toss up for me. 🙂 Hope you're enjoying your summer! xo – Lisa

  2. Am dying i don't have chick pea flour either

  3. I’d rather bake them. Save money on oil 😅

  4. What is the weight of the cup of peas?

  5. The best recipe ! No use to add flour, breadcrumbs, coconut fat, mint etc, they are not authentic. If you use canned (cooked) chickpeas, the falafel fall apart and your frying pan might catch fire !

  6. I will try the crispy baked falafel.

  7. Wait, you don't boil the chickpeas first?

  8. This is by far the best falafel recipe I have found. I've made it several times.

  9. Hi Lisa; your recipe looks amazing! I will try it next week…a question: can you make the balls and freeze them to be cooked another day? Or do they lose consistency?

  10. I always made falafels with canned chickpeas and now I know why the texture was not right. I'll try dried chickpeas next time!

  11. Im surprised you don't have to boil the chickpeas after you soak them

  12. I love deepfry falafel 🧆
    Así a variance
    Use a wook to make it sweet & swear chinese recepee using honey, sesame oil and chinese sause.
    Or using bechamel to cover…
    Also am use this to make an awesome vegañesa using fresh basil and tomato…
    Falafel is like mana from heaven

  13. I love a straightforward, info rich and yet cogent presentation. Yours, m'dear, is excellent in this regard. Five stars for presentation and for the recipe as well.

  14. Bullshit…you just have a rich husband that helps you be "good" at cooking……'re not

  15. Put the whole oven on for three falafel? Americans!

  16. We in the Caribbean has been making this for ever, we call them bean patties. Saitan we call it wash flour. I guess you have to give it an exotic name to get recognition.

  17. Wow 😮
    So delicious 😋
    This looks absolutely delicious and testy 😋
    This is such a mouth watering
    Thank you for your wonderful sharing 👍

  18. What’s the oven temp when you bake the falafel.

  19. I don't get it. What did I do wrong? The mix is dry, no binding. There is no way to form into a ball. It falls apart.

  20. Can we use celery to replace parsley?

  21. Do these freeze well to reheat for quick breakfasts? Any tips for “make ahead”?

  22. I have soaked and cooked chickpeas in my fridge. Can I use these or will these only work if it’s made after the soaked stage?

  23. Love Falafel ! Thank You ! Made it and it was great ! This might be helpful?
    Shaped them into half sphere’s with a small ice cream scoop.
    Put them on a cookie sheet and lightly brushed them with oil. Baked em for 25 min. When they came out they were still green.
    So I put a little oil in a fry pan and fried em for a min till they were golden brown. Tried both types . Oven only & pan fried for a min or so. The pan fried was the best for me ! Put them in a lettuce,tomato,cucumber,red onion & a little mint. Put homemade tahini sauce on them … yummy yummy yummy 😋

  24. Deeply appreciate your rigor. Thank you.

  25. Don't throw away the stalks of your herbs – just use them like the leaves.

  26. You are a great cook ever since 😊
    I loved all your recipes from winter to summer, including the healthy drinks 🍹 🥤
    Thank you so much 🙏

  27. Hello,
    Quite a interesting recipe, a quick question – for how long can we preheat the over?

  28. Good recipe… your pronunciation however is not correct. Sorry don't mean to be mean.

  29. Can this be put in the freezer before frying and use when needed?

  30. This is the best recipe for Falafal I have found. I tried today and it was the best & taste Falafal. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  31. Hi can you freeze them after you make them?

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